Defend People’s Park

Painted wall that says People's Park, at People's Park, Berkeley

End Development on People’s Park


Hello! We are Defend People’s Park, a community organization based in Berkeley, California that is working to oppose development on People’s Park, the long-time home of an unhoused community in Berkeley as well as a registered historic landmark with a legacy of political resistance and local organizing. The park was initially built in 1969 and has flourished ever since, being one of the only remaining green spaces on Southside in Berkeley.

Currently, we really need as many people as possible to help us defend the Park, as the University of California is planning to build on it this month, endangering the 13+ residents that still live at People’s Park and will get forcefully removed from it by the UC and UCPD. Many of these residents were not offered an alternative option by the UC, as the Rodeway Inn that temporarily houses other former Park residents only has 42 rooms available to Park residents. Therefore, these 13+ residents are in immediate danger of UC and police violence and will be displaced from their current home. Please come out to People’s Park to help us defend the beloved home of these residents!

Recent News

UC Berkeley is planning to build on People’s Park this month! Join the fight to defend the Park by coming out to People’s Park in Berkeley and joining our emergency line by texting Pplspark3 to 81010

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