Our Demands

Immediately End Development On People’s Park

The UC’s own housing task force identified eight other potential housing sites, including the Chancellor’s mansion which sits on Northside unused. Yet they insist on developing the last green space in the Southside neighborhood while simultaneously attempting to close down the Rochdale co-op not one block away.

Rematriate the Land to Indigenous Stewardship

This is the ancestral and unceded land of the Chochenyo-speaking Muwekma Ohlone. This land was never the UC’s to build on in the first place. We demand the UC rematriate the land to an Indigenous organization’s stewardship and cooperate with them to steward the land as they see fit.

Assist Park Residents with Securing Housing that Works for Them

Facilitate permanent housing for Park residents who choose it, and decriminalize the residents who choose to continue living in the Park. Respect unhoused people’s autonomy and apply their knowledge of what works best for them.

Defund UCPD and Redirect those Funds into Social Services at the Park and for University Students and Staff

Work with us, Defend People’s Park, to create a long-term program set up towards abolition of the UC Police Department in Berkeley. This would include decreasing the UCPD budget annually while creating and expanding replacement social services for University students and staff, and houseless Park residents.