Our Work

Resident Support

We work with residents to distribute requested resources such as tents, clothes, hygiene supplies, and other items, all in new condition. We also cook and serve hot food to residents both at the Park and at the Rodeway Inn three times a week. Through our relationships with Park residents, we are able to better serve the community, uplift their voices, and advocate for their needs.

Direct Actions

We’ve had multiple direct actions in the past to make sure that we disturb the complacency of UC Berkeley and its students in the gentrification of Berkeley and the East Bay, which impacts low-income Black and Brown families that have been living here for years the most. We also do direct actions to bring attention to how UC Berkeley students listen to Berkeley’s propaganda about the Park and never go to see it for themselves, even going out of their way to avoid People’s Park. This is unacceptable as UC Berkeley pushes out anti-People’s Park and anti-houseless propaganda to make sure it’s students don’t build community with houseless people and call out the UC for it’s violence against houseless and low-income communities.

Eviction Defense

We currently have an eviction defense message system that you can join to help defend the Park and the residents that live there! Text Pplspark3 to 81010. Be prepared to get messages early in the morning and check messages for further instructions for action.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a permanent structure in the Park that we built to help with mutual aid in the Park and to better supply residents with material resources and food. Come visit the kitchen to drop off donations or learn more about what we do at the Park!


We’ve had many different events at the Park, including music events, movie nights, and more! Here in this photo, Afterthought (@aft.fng on Instagram) performs at the 52nd Anniversary of People’s Park! Stay updated with us to see when our next event will be!